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Brother HL-2240D Laser Printer Unboxing and Review

I unbox the Brother HL-2240D auto duplex laser printer - Unboxing and Review
I test and unbox the HL-2240D http://www.farming-simulator.com/ Join the Curse Network - http://www.unionforgamers.com/apply?referral=eeyifcvdrl20ae
Stephen Simpson : I is so good I have one to
yadish Rojhun : Printer give some burning smell... How to solve the problem
Allen Deaver : IF you can't unpack a printer you are too stupid to operate one...
Toby and James Goldsmith : Do you still have this just asking? Verry nice printer
Moomie : Are there drivers for Win10?

Product Review: Brother HL-2240D Printer

Product review of the Brother HL-2240D Printer available at Micro Center stores or online at http://microcenter.com.
Ian Gregory : Well done!! Thanks!
BJ P : No scanner?

Factory reset Brother HL-2270dw Printer HL-2240 HL-2230

This is a quick instructional video on how to rest Brother HL-2200 series printer to factory settings.
bihinix : awesome. now how do i find the WPS_pin so i can finish the setup? We have updated our router so havent been able to get this connected.
C. Caruso : I have followed these instructions four (4) times. Each time the printer starts again, but states the printer is disconnected. The first time I pulled out the USB connector and put it back in.

STill not connected. I tried this three more time, making sure I did not move the printer so as to not disconnect it. Nothing changes.

anyone have any additional ideas? Thanks
karamveer Gill : This worked like a charm. I was trying to reconnect to a new router after having moved to a new apartment. Did the reset, followed by holding down the WPS button on my router and the push button on the back of the printer. After a few seconds, a page should print out the new connection. I hope that helps anyone stuck trying to do the same thing.
Thulasi Om : Printing slow
Nara49 Veera : Thank you. It worked for my 2240D. You helped to reduce one more electronic garbage !




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