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Lil Uzi Vert - Erase Your Social [Produced By Don Cannon + Lyle LeDuff]

"Erase Your Social" from the mixtape “The Perfect LUV Tape"

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Esteban Enriquez : 2021?
Acr Yt : Just got my friendship ruined now I’m here wondering what imma do
KingsmanXV : I had no worries during this time. Now bills and shit bro. Crazy how fast time flies man
Tj McGill : i miss 2016 man
Milkiway :

Social Distortion - Story of My Life

Social Distortion's official music video for 'Story Of My Life'. Click to listen to Social Distortion on Spotify:

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High school seemed like such a blur,
I didn't have much interest in sports or school elections.
And in class I dreamed all day,
Of a rock 'n' roll weekend

And the girl in the front of the room,
So close yet so far y'know she never seemed to notice
That this silly schoolboy crush
Wasn't just pretend.

Life goes by so fast
You only want to do what you think is right.
Close your eyes and then it's past;
Story of my life
jaymmzzs : rrrrrrr
Johnny Donny Cage : monogamous P
유민열 : The victorious cheese contradictorily unlock because buffet genomically hang past a smoggy germany. nifty, makeshift sauce
jillianbick : 47 years old now and this song brings me back to parties in our back yard off campus of OSU with Blatant Finger covering this song, so many skate boards, and bmx guys with no fear. We’re older now, but the adrenaline of those days always lives on....
Chris Leyva : Back when there was no cell phones hung out at the skate park saving every penny for a soda and snacks fuck I hate what this generation has become

Awful Weddings That Were Exposed On Social Media - REACTION

Awful Weddings That Were Exposed On Social Media - REACTION
Watch the last one:

Hey ya'll! Today on my channel we are reacting to some awful weddings that got called out on social media! Enjoy :)

#weddings #marriage #bridezillas #bride #groom #reaction #charlottedobreio #react #reactionchannel #charlottedobreio #charlottedobre

Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.

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Edited By Ewa Wolniczek

End screen song:
Take It All Off (Feat. Charlotte Dobre, Sam Klass) - Defunk
Lani Kiss : That’s not Minnie and Mickey, it’s the OG Michael and Minerva.
Amanda Witherspoon : I would love to have a Halloween wedding with everyone wearing costumes.
Jessica Driscoll : I can't believe they set such a huge min amount for a gift, or else guests don't eat!! Who would go after seeing that? Im a single mom on a fixed income because I got too sick to keep working. My best friend was getting married and I drove from out of state to be there. Initially I was going to go home the same day after the wedding cause I couldn't afford to stay, but she wanted me there with her before so bad that she actually insisted on me staying at her house the night before and paying for my makeup to get done. Her maid of honor twin sister even offered to pay part of my hotel for the remaining time so I could stay longer. They were the bride and maid of honor, yet they were basically giving me the gifts. I was so touched and humbled that I cried and I felt so bad accepting it from them, but I knew it made the bride happy to have me there with her to calm her the night before. This is true friendship of over 25 years now. Not like the greedy couple.
Sock Gremlin : The one with the woman at the center should have took a pic with just bride and groom and used that photo to photoshop just seperate the two of them in the center and moved the woman to the side with purple dress.
MN Heintzelman : The Mother in law wore a wedding dress to your wedding? . . . no, you chose to wear a white dress too, rather than a proper wedding dress . . . that's on you dear.




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