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Korg SP-250

Korg SP Line at B\u0026H: http://bhpho.to/1yiQ8BL

In this video we take a look and listen to this excellent digital piano from Korg wich offers 30 sounds, effects, and comes with its own stand.
AbRWillSuper : i loled at 2:40
good review :D
David Ciantar : Awkwaaaaard
taylorphoe : No MIDI Out? Aww
B&H Photo Video : @angelwithbighorns The included accessory is a damper pedal.

B&H Photo Video : @angelwithbighorns Yes - the Korg Piano Sustain Pedal may be purchased separately: The Korg Sustain Pedal provides full damper (sustain) triggering for keyboards that support it. The pedal is compatible with the Korg SP250, SV173 and SV188. B&H # KOPDS. Marks askbh{at}bandh{dot}com

Kraft Music - Korg SP-250 Digital Piano Demo with Rich Formidoni

Korg product specialist Rich Formidoni demonstrates the Korg SP-250 88-Key Digital Piano at Kraft Music. The SP-250 has been discontinued, replaced by the all-now Korg SP-280 Digital Piano. Find more information and exclusive BUNDLES on the Korg SP-280 at Kraft Music. Our digital piano and keyboard bundles provide all the accessories you need for home, studio, or stage at one low price.
MisterBadaboon : Does this have MIDI inputs?
dromeiro : Really nice review.
Kraft Music : Yes, the Korg SP250 features MIDI connections (MIDI in and out). These ports will allow you to connect to a computer or other MIDI instruments. Thanks and feel free to contact me with any other questions or concerns.
Dave McCullough
Kraft Music Marketing
Kraft Music : The physical weight of the keys cannot be adjusted. However, you can adjust the sensitivity of the keys so you won't have to play as hard. Simply adjust the "Touch Control" to "Light" and you should have an easier time of it. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions or concerns. Thanks for watching!
Dave McCullough
Kraft Music Marketing
aadalfonso : Hello dave i have a question,
does this piano allow you to record what you play and play it back like you would play a demo? Also, what can you do by connecting this piano to a computer? download new demo songs or something?

Daimler SP250 "Dart" | Buyer's Guide

Danny Hopkins, editor of Practical Classics, takes a look at a Daimler SP250 at Historit at the Bicester Heritage Center in the UK. With its Fiberglass body, the SP250 has some particular potential quirks, and Danny tells you what to watch out for before you buy one.

For more on Historit: http://www.historit.co.uk
For more on the Bicester Heritage Center: http://bicesterheritage.co.uk

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Ryan Olson : Beautiful car
cee doubleyou : sorry, they were ugly when they were new, they are still ugly now! If you must have an affordable V8 British sports car, buy a MGB GT V8 or Triumph Stag, or TR8. BTW, give me a common E-Type any day. Good post.
robert chuk : To me, yes, it IS a very nice vehicle, but I must say - it looks a lot like a Stuebaker-Packard from the 50's....???

Amesie's Corner : Hagerty's videos should have substantially more traffic considering how absolutely amazing the editing and subject matter is...
If there is anything I can help you guy's with I would love to collaborate.

Also I would like to get better coverage on my daily driven super rare Saab Sonett sports car.
gsarahs SW : While I recognise that this SP250 looks to be a prime example, its colour/paint and drivetrain are the main reasons for liking it. I agree that they were ugly ducklings when new, and they still are IMHO. There is no way that I would even contemplate trading one in even part exchange for my BJ8 Austin-Healey or E-Type Coupe. They are much better looking and engineered vehicles, but again that is my opinion!




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